Hey guys!

So I thought I would introduce myself as alot of you don't know much about us,

Hi! My names May, and I have owned Drift Bunny Decals since 2011. I started out purely as a hobby and out of interest in graphic design and making stickers. We bought our first machine off gumtree for $200 and from there it went crazy! If you have seen any of our original stuff you will wonder why haha- we've come a long way. Eventually I invested in making Apparel, which was super fun. I learned everything I know from studying animation yonks ago! and I needed to stay distract from the boring 9-5 job I had. 

Now fast forward to 2016, I am at uni studying graphic design (Finally!) We also now print stickers! Since owning the printer I moved my focus on the brand and stayed away from any custom work to focus on Uni.

Hopefully in the future you will see more of us - maybe in a studio making stickers for race car drivers!