Hey guys!

I thought I would try pick up this whole blog thing.
5 years of drift bunny! Wow!
Image: Sheppard Racing mk3 supra! 


This year I turn 26, I am at university looking to graduate at the end of the year. When I was younger, I wanted to be an animator but I couldn’t see that happening so my next passion was always graphic design. I may leave my life story for another blog. However this blog I wanted to talk about the journey, and what Drift Bunny means to me now.

RX8: John Bell
Image Below: Our warehouse meet

Someone told me once, why pay someone else to do it when you can do it yourself? SO I did! Originally Drift Bunny started out as a few designs of bunnies and cars. 1- I thought it would be funny for people to have random bunny stickers on there cars and 2- I just wanted an excuse to create something! I was bored of my life as an automotive retail sales assistant.


Image: My Ma61 at our first public appearance, we placed this sign for free stickers - walked away and watched you guys swarm in. It was the best feeling!

I was so excited from the response I had at the time (probably from like 2 people ahah). So I bought a vinyl plotter. It was a redsail 720c and it had a great life, it cost me $200 from someone who couldn’t get it to work. Thankfully my partners dad helped with us figuring it out! Cause it was a whole new world to me. I will be doing a startup blog for those wanting to give it a go themselves.

Image: Diecut stickers before an event, we would spend the whole night before planning - staying up until 2am - Also this was in my bedroom - we had to move the bed to a much smaller room aha.

Eventually some time passed, I kept making some random designs ( I will try add as many pictures as I can). The drive and ambition of making Drift Bunny into an actual brand helped me carry through some struggles in life.

Images: Our range, the market and our warehouse. Back when we had 'RC Drifting at DBHQ'


From taking over our bedroom, 2 Market shops, a warehouse and alot of drama later, I decided to move Drift Bunny back home. I couldn’t fund a business, It wasn’t the time for me, especially when it wasn’t making much. I don’t really know who will read this so it is hard to show where I am coming from. Basically it drove me crazy, wondering whether I was doing something wrong. My ‘friends’ were taking advantage of me, my true friends I couldn’t really hang out with because I was worried I couldn't be myself.

Model: Lana Bailey at Drift for a Wish!

The struggle was tough but looking back now, my true friends really have been there for me. As much as I wanted to make a successful business I couldn’t take the messages 10 o’clock at night, the demand for a product, the rude/sexist/racist customers. Give me the worst of the worst at my own job but when it came to Drift Bunny, it was personal and I let that get the better of me.

Whew! Ok so drama beside- This is the reason I took Drift Bunny away from custom printing, I wasn’t loving what I was doing. And for those who know me personally may not have really understood.
Image: My Supra, hanging out at the warehouse with my apparel wall. I loved this place, I was in my zen. 

So, a few years ago I went back to my roots. I viewed my favourite brands in the automotive scene and I longed for what they had achieved. I began to create again, I invested more in what I loved and this is why Drift Bunny looks so different today. 
Image: Rachael from our warehouse photoshoot with Autolife Perth.
Yes, we had an ebay store, I hated it, But it kept me busy.

I have met all my friends because of Drift Bunny and continue to meet many more amazing people. I love seeing others becoming ambitious, the automotive scene around me grow, the new businesses that are sprouting.

Image: our old trailer! aww I loved this project, but unfortunately events were changing so much we had to sell it and change our setup

For all my friends reading this, I love you, thankyou for being so supportive. Thank you for not judging me, for picking me up, for always including me, for inspiring me, and for keeping me motivated.

For all my customers, You are amazing, Thank You for believing in me. Thank you for approaching me at events and in public, for messaging me, for all the kind comments, the shares, it all really helps.
Im sorry If this blog post seams long but alot is still left to be said, to be explained.

But I will leave you all on a certain note.

Dream big, don’t let anyone get you down. Grow, inspire, defeat all challenges, but remain humble. You will be fine.