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Drift Bunny Fulltime (2 months in!)

by Myfanwy West 30 Jan 2018

Hey guys!

I just thought I would share a bit of an update. I am currently waiting on premier pro to install onto my mac, so I have some time to kill.

I am hoping to start vlogging, or my idea of vlogging soon. These might only be monthly videos but they will probably replace these blogs.

Now I’m not really a camera person, I don’t like watching myself on camera, I feel like I act/look 12 years old not 26.
So we will see how that goes ahah

I just wanted to update on my progress since I quit my job and finished uni.

I didn’t really (and never have) prepped for a holiday season rush/sale/mayhem. I know I probably should being a store, but I just don’t want to add too much to the noise. This Driftmas we did another box release that you guys loved! And thank you so much for supporting that. Having just finished Uni I didn’t have alot of time to do any new designs for releases, and now more than ever I need to start doing more in the business.

The only thing that sucks about being an online store around xmas is shipping. So 2 weeks before xmas we went from really busy to really quiet, which actually worked out for me having finished the busiest time of my life and being able to relax with my partner.

2018 started off with a bang, I was booked to go to Adelaide for an event on my own, I had some massive collaborations come up and I had so many new things to show you all!

Adelaide was absolutely amazing! I got to meet so many amazing people and check out a bit of what the street scene had to offer. I wish I could have stayed longer but definitely will make sure I have the time next time. Thankyou @thatskylinegirl for being so awesome and supporting my brand and @slowlife for running the event and taking me to brunch.

Each week has been a hustle of repetition. Packing orders, Printing, Ordering stock, meeting with people and designing is just a part of it. I have organised myself in ways I never even thought of before, like guys, I have a marketing calendar now haha. And even though I am using my experience from uni I always think about if I made the right decision.

I won’t sugar coat it, it IS hard. My whole concept of the brand has been running through my head constantly. I am sticking to why I started in the first place and that was for fun. It is just hard to turn that into something that generates income. Some weeks I am like ‘yeah, This can be something’ and others I’m like ‘well i’m stuffed!’. I don’t think there ever is a balance in running an online brand. It’s not like you go to a job, finish the job and get paid. I can spend days and days on a release to make a few sales. Thankfully though, I do have amazing supporters who help us by liking, sharing and purchasing stuff!

And i’m not trying to turn this into a pity party I just wanted to point out that this isn’t as easy as some may think.

I do really appreciate the amazing people I have worked with, the brands that believe in me and the opportunities that have been given to me.

What is really clear to me is that I need to get more exposure somehow. And I am working on that.

We have a tonne of things in the works and behind the scenes too, aswell as some new shirts on the way and other cool things.

So I am now going to attempt to edit a video and try make some cool content for you guys!

Thanks so much for reading, for your support and for being rad!

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