Hey guys!

Just a little update - I'm not sure who actually reads these but I'm going to keep posting them anyway!

A while ago I teased that I was taking DB Full time! If you didn't know i've been running DB as a hobby for 5 years now! I wrote a blog on a little of what those 5 years consisted of. If you're interested go check it out.

2 Years ago I started Uni at age 24. I didn't do what smart kids did and went to uni after school. But if I did that I wouldn't have started DB and It wouldn't be here today.

Very soon I will have my Bachelor in Design. Like 3 weeks! I know I should be really starting my career in design, but I will ALWAYS think about what DB would have been.

One big hurdle to overcome was my job. 7 years I worked the same job! I don't want to go into it too much, but basically I was bored. 


This is scary in itself because I gave up a salary to draw and make stickers - hahahaha!

So now I can finally throw all my time and energy into DB! I honestly never thought this could happen. I didn't have any intentions of doing this when I started. I'm so very excited and scared but more so thrilled.

I don't want to pity anyone into buying our stuff.

But please know that every purchase you do make is going into a bigger better dream. And I really appreciate all the support - and I hope we can continue to grow - continue to reach the far sides of the earth - and share our passion with others.

Thanks so much for reading
- May West ( Jobless bum with a Uni degree and an Online store >:P )