Hey guys!

I just wanted to make a random post with what we have been working on lately and what we’re planning in the future.

Just over a week ago we released our Kawaii release 1.0. I am working on doing monthly releases in hope to be constantly bringing out some new stuff. I will (hopefully) start doing more constant blog posts, they will most likely just be me talking crap but I want to feel closer to you guys and this helps.

Our kawaii release 1.0 was inspired by the style I envision for Drift Bunny. Because well who doesn’t like cute crap. I know I do, I also look for it especially relating to my hobby’s (cars and anime). So I wanted to create some things that I would like and hope you guys like too!

I am working on some changes behind the scenes at Drift Bunny. I tend to take on alot of the work myself, which isn’t always the best. I love to create, print and experiment with designs on my own but I am limited with what resources I have. So in the future I may outsource my products with my designs, alot of brands start up this way - perhaps I should have too but I enjoy everything I do and sometimes can’t fund them elsewhere. So keep an eye out cause I’ll hopefully have some awesome stuff in the future.

I have also been busy with local events recently - Check out some of the pictures from the weekend!

Photography Props:

I may just keep this short as I am in the middle of brainstorming the next release! Which will be in our next blog next month!

Thankyou all for reading - see you next time!