Hey guys!

So i've produced an array of random stuff in my time. I generally just tend to make things that I like and hope you guys will like that too! and so far so good! I really appreciate the constant support! I've tried so hard not to go down other paths and just keep true to what Drift Bunny really is about.

Which is cute sh!t with cars! 

So, today I am announcing that Drift Bunny is back! with some pastel, kawaii, jdm goods. I am also announcing future themed releases but you will have to wait until the end to hear that!

 Drift Bunny Kawaii Box

- Db Kawaii banner
- Db Kawaii glitter slap
- Turbo or na sticker 
- Lanyard
- Donut handle sticker
- Hand made turbo keyring 


There are many more designs in the pipelines so keep an eye out for the Kawaii 2.0 release. I'm aiming to have releases monthly as a minimum! I still may release a few things here and there but I will try my best to do this monthly!

Our next release i'm working on my personal introduction to japanese cars - GAMES!! So keep an eye out for some of my faves (and hopefully yours too!)

- May | Owner of Drift Bunny Decals