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by Myfanwy West 12 Sep 2017

Hey guys!

Just felt like writing a random blog since I haven't in a while.

First of all thanks to everyone for supporting our recent releases! Our 1 hour only pre-sale went mental! I honestly didn't expect that! And our zombie boxes are still available but are super limited so get on that!

We also have integrated Afterpay which seams to be helping you guys out a tonne with these releases we have had. I'm honestly so overwhelmed with the support for our little brand! I meeting some new comers too! feel free to message me, say hi! I love hearing your thoughts.

On all the pre-order stock:

If you ordered a black windbreaker on its own it's on it's way to you!
Teal jackets are expected to arrive soon! as soon as they do We go into production printing them to get them to you asap!
Pink tee's are going to be done professionally! I have had too many dramas doing them myself so we are currently working on that.

Thankyou all for being so patient, I don't do pre-orders like this often, but I wanted to get you guys some unique gear.


I have spent many lonely days/nights locked away printing constantly to get stock prepared for WTAC! Literally all my money has gone into this one event and I am so excited for the outcome for our little brand. Since starting up we have hit local events, had a market shop, had a warehouse, an ebay store and now an international online store! This brand keeps growing and honestly, It's not what I planned but keep working towards making it bigger and seeing how far we can go. 

WTAC stock includes:

All retro tee's
New zombie logo tee
Sakura hoodies all colours
Sakura long sleeves
Retro long sleeve shirts
Sakura printed crews
ALL THE STICKERS! (Plus some surprise ones)
**Some surprise limited edition merch**

Future of Drift Bunny

So Drift Bunny has always been my sideline project in life. It's my little passion project. I just make things I like, That my friends like, My mum likes it too! Safe to say it's not going anywhere! But where will it go?

I have no idea what I am doing, I should be some social media influencer who posts pictures of herself doing fancy things with fancy cars. To be honest, I don't identify myself as 'drift bunny', There's way more influential chicks out there getting more involved than myself in motorsport. I sit on the side going YASSS! You do you! I do have my own project car, The poor thing sits while I'm off studying and paying bills. And I absolutely dream about driving it down the coast, taking it on the track, going to meets, But I'm not there yet. In saying that, I am finishing up uni this year and will hopefully be doing more of this next year!

My image for 'drift bunny' are the amazing people that buy my stuff, they rep it with passion, they are out their kicking ass and enjoying what they love. We are not limited to being male or female we are just enthusiasts who strive to build and create and thrash and rebuild. 

I actually have no idea what next year will bring to me. I have my dreams, But I am going to take whatever work comes at me. And if all else fails I will be running Drift Bunny full time, who knows I may get to travel to America, Japan or UK to meet all you guys! 

If you've made it this far you are just amazing. Thankyou for supporting me and building the brand and being super awesome in whatever you do in life!

-May West

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